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What is my child's U age?

2024 What's my U age?

Birth Year U Age House Leage* Coyotes* Blazers
2021 U3 U5 -- --
2020 U4 U5 -- --
2019 U5 U5 -- --
2018 U6 U7 -- --
2017 U7 U7 -- --
2016 U8 U10 U9 U8
2015 U9 U10 U9 U9
2014 U10 U10 U10 U10
2013 U11 U13 U12 U11
2012 U12 U13 U12 U12
2011 U13 U13 U14 U13
2010 U14 U16 U14 U14
2009 U15 U16 U16 U15
2008 U16 U16 U16 U16
2007 U17 U18 U18 U17
2006 U18 U18 U18 U18

* Both House League and Coyotes can change on a per season basis dependent on the numbers of players in the program in those brackets.

House League

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