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Winter Futsal Program

SVSC is excited to announce our new futsal program! This program is for our Blazers players and will expand our commitment to providing a safe, fun and competitive environment.

Playing Futsal provides the players, especially the youth, with many benefits, including an opportunity to improve playing skills for the summer soccer season, to develop a greater sense of team spirit and play, to appreciate the joy of the sport, and to develop friendships that may last a lifetime.

As part of Seaway Valley Soccer Club’s commitment to player development all competitive players will have access to participate in a 6-week winter Futsal program.

Futsal is played in school gyms across the city. It is 5 aside and no walls are used. We use a low bounce ball which promotes ball control.

Futsal is FIFA’s official indoor soccer game which is, essentially, a scaled down version of outdoor soccer played indoors. It is a small sided game (5v5) played on a smaller field (roughly basketball court sized) with a smaller (Size 3-4) ball. Futsal is played with touchline boundaries.

There are no walls in play. This is the game that outdoor soccer players around the globe play when they are indoors to refine and maintain their control skills and touch.

Why Futsal?

Our Goals

  • To provide a safe & competitive learning environment for our competitive players over the winter.
  • To instill a passion & love for the game.
  • To provide an additional option for dedicated players who seek additional structured development over the winter.
  • To increase the rate at which players develop technically, tactically, physically and psychologically during the winter season.

Our Game Model



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Seaway Valley Soccer Club recognizes that our work, and the work of our membership, takes place on Indigenous territories across Ontario.